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Project Background:

Domino's from the Oceania office came to us with a request to update the website for franchisers to manage campaigns for their stores (coupons, offers, etc.). They noticed that over 50% of the users were on mobile and they did not have a responsive website. 

Project Challenge:

Make the web platform mobile accessible without removing any existing functionality. Offer up insights to make the platform more user-friendly.

Project Goals:
  • Easy to use​

  • Modern

Role & Team:​​
  • Lead UX Designer: Myself

  • UX Designer: 1

  • Visual Designer: 1

  • Developers: 1

  • Product Managers: 2

The Beginning

It was tough at the beginning to understand how the application currently worked. I talked with the SME (Product Managers) on a regular basis and made many flows and sitemaps to understand the architecture of the system.


After finally understanding fairly well how things worked, I created optimized User Flows for the platform that we could design and prototype against. 


Optimized flow for viewing a campaign


Optimized flow for customizing a campaign


Original dashboard on the desktop


Redesigned dashboard for both desktop and mobile


Original campaign details screen for desktop


Redesigned campaign details screen for mobile


I decided to change the background of the website to white, as the dark blue seemed heavy and oppressive for no reason. Also, it wasn't even the correct blue for the Dominos style guide. 


After speaking with the two Product Managers (stakeholders) we learned some other pain points from the people using the website, the franchisees. Corporate was concerned that everyone creating campaigns were using their own style. 


We created some best practice templates that people could use and just add in their own pricing. This not only created consistency for the Dominos brand, but it quickened the time it took for a franchisee to be able to create a campaign. ​


Original Reports screen for desktop


Redesigned Reports screen for desktop


Reports screen for mobile


For the Reports screen on the desktop, it really suffered from a lack of readability. I focused my efforts on making the information as easy to read as possible. We added more filters so the user could focus on what they want needed to see easily. 

Other optimizations on the project included everyone using Sketch. The UX Designers would create the wireframes and annotations and then hand off the file to the Visual Designer. I made sure we kept the Sketch file fanatically organized since we were using so many layers. With one click we could turn off the visual design in the file or hide the annotations if we were doing a presentation. This project was able to be finished in 4 weeks by the team as a side project because we were all so efficient. 

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