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"Julia is one of those rare individuals who passionately cares about her students, employees and advancing her chosen field. She goes _way_ above and beyond when it comes to helping others while being a thought leader in the field of UX. It became apparent early on that she was intent on giving us not just the 'how to' but to get us to think more strategically; the 'why’s' behind each methodology, to back up all our decisions with heuristics or user data."

-- Lucretia,  UX Researcher & Designer

"Julia is hands down the best manager I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her overall kindness, wisdom, and extensive experience makes her a perfect fit for any managerial or mentorship role. She never hesitates to do everything in her power to aid the people around her to reach their full potential. She has a natural ability to bring a team together and enhance the culture and morale of the team she is a part of."

-- Rachel, Senior UX Designer


"Thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to provide advice! I have always been inspired by your leadership with the SF Book Club Meetup."

— Ruchita, UX Designer

"I have been to another event you’ve hosted and I know you are deep in the UX scene, mentoring, teaching, hosting, and just in general kicking UX arse. I really admire that, and you, for giving back to the UX community and being so dang friendly while doing so."​

— Sandy, UX Designer

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