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UX Online Bootcamps Comparison/Opinion

Updated: Aug 2

So, you're looking to transition into the field of UX Design. It's a big step. You decide a bootcamp is the way to go. Sure, you can go on CourseReport and look at reviews. But keep in mind, that person has no comparison.

How would you like a review from a UX Professional that has worked as an instructor/mentor at many of these establishments?

My intention is to write an individual review of each place I have worked, but here is a quick list of opinions.

More information coming!


Top Positive

Top Negative



​More depth of content. Teaches Design only.

​No client projects.



​Have real-client projects (one 2-week sprint).

Business machine.



​Easy to do part-time.

​Exact same projects since 2013.




​Learn some front-end coding.

​Content is not as strong on the UX front.


​Google UX Certificate

​Go at your own pace.

​No feedback.


​General Assembly

Known Name

​Very business focused. Doesn't care about education.


​Flatiron School

​More thorough curriculum



​Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)





​Content is very weak.


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