I'm Julia ,
 nice to meet you.

I am an experienced manager, with a passion for education and a relentless drive for continuous improvement in all of my endeavors.

At ease with ambiguity, I am comfortable with complexity and am able to be decisive in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. I thrive on solving big hairy problems. The thing that motivates me the most is experimentation, exploration, and education. I am mission-driven and execution-focused.


"Julia is truly a one-of-a-kind mentor and manager. She has that special ability to see each person’s unique strengths, weaknesses and works with you to help you become the best version of yourself. She gives you enough freedom to let you learn things on your own while guiding you when needed. She is a kind and compassionate mentor who does everything she can, even more of what is required, to help everyone she mentors succeed in whatever they would like to achieve. She is able to create a happy culture and environment on any team she manages because she ensures that each member of the team is valued and heard. In my years of working, I can honestly say that she is the best manager I have ever worked for.

As an educator, she is not only a UX expert but she is also a very efficient worker who gets things done and has the initiative to do side projects for the betterment of the company. UX is her true passion. She has a growth mindset that sets her apart because she still continues to educate herself even if she is already a known UX leader in the industry. She lives, breathes UX and thinks about the user experience in every app/website and service she encounters.

I highly recommend Julia to any company looking for a compassionate and hardworking UX leader. I am lucky enough to have been mentored by her and anyone else who would get the chance to work with her should immediately get onboard as people like Julia are hard to find."

-- Jessica Dee,  Product Designer