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Personal Leadership Philosophy

My personal Leadership Philosophy is to empower others. 

My Core Values

Helping Others

Helping others is my purpose in life. I’d prefer to solve bigger societal issues rather than one-off attempts such as one does with volunteering. I’m currently in a working group redefining Design Education worldwide. I mentor and coach others in the Design Industry regularly.


An Individualist brings great care and attention to detail to everything they produce. Individualists tend to feel deeply and tap into an emotional layer that can drive their decisions and actions. They have a talent for seeing things in a unique and thought-provoking way, and can chafe at being micromanaged or controlled.

Problem Solver

Problem-Solvers are motivated to support and help others in an industrious and professional manner. They genuinely care about other people's well being and like to give more than they receive. The organized and structured approach they bring to solving problems combined with their generous nature makes them key teammates, partners, and friends.


Be available to people when they need you. Support someone in both action and thought. Help someone grow and learn so they no longer need anyone’s support but their own. When you say you will do something you follow through.


This is a bit old-fashioned, but honor is really important to me. I don’t see it very often in the modern world. Always keep one’s word and maintain one’s principles. Never betray anyone and defend the weak. Abide by a code of fair play and employ self-discipline.

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