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Community Involvement

I have taught evening classes, workshops, part-time courses, and full-time immersive courses, both in-person and online. Along these lines, I have mentored both in-person and online.

General Assembly

I taught at General Assembly for a total of two and a half years. I started as a teaching assistant, then a part-time instructor, and then moved to teaching full time in 2016. I worked with a variety of people, from course producers, other instructors, instructional designers, and other staff.

While teaching part-time, I taught both individual classes, weekend courses, and the part-time UX program. For individual classes and courses, I created my own curriculum.

DesignLab | UX Academy

This is an online mentoring program, based in San Francisco, CA. DesignLab offers short 4 to 6-week courses in UX Design, UX Research, and Design 101. UX Academy is a 3-month long online course combining the short courses and capstone projects. 

The students I mentored lived all over the world. We met via Skype and Google Hangouts. I discussed homework assignments, career prospects, interviewing techniques, job search strategies, and portfolio specifics with the students.

short talk on UX hiring practices

This is an online mentoring program, with the headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Students that I mentored lived all over the world and we met using video via Skype. I reviewed homework daily, met with students weekly, and discussed assignments, portfolios, and career. 


This is an online mentoring program, with the headquarters in San Francisco, CA. Students I mentored lived all over the world and followed a specific curriculum. I helped students with specific assignments, portfolio design, and career. 

This is a free program of self-learning with content vetted for usefulness and quality. As the company grew, they wanted to add a more in-depth course with one-on-one mentoring. This course would be paid and is intended to take about 3 months of the learner's time at 15 hours a week. 


This is an online boot camp, with the headquarters in San Francisco, CA. I graded assignments for UX students from all over the world. The course is a 6-month part-time UX program. 


An online boot camp to help you build a beautiful portfolio full of amazing projects based on your career goals, so you can stand out and get your dream job.


As a mentee, you’ll get 30+ step-by-step portfolio projects covering every type of work that employers want to see in junior UX/UI and Visual Design Portfolios. They’ll teach you how to go from an idea to a fully-built high-fidelity final version you can showcase on your portfolio site. And best of all, your projects will be completely customized to the types of industries and products you’re interested in. 

short talk on UX hiring practices


Design Educator & Design Manager

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