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UX Resumes - A Few Tools

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

So when submitting a resume to a UX job, it is insanely competitive. Unless you know someone or have a top five company on your resume, it's not easy to get noticed. One thing you can do is tailor your resume to the job. There are a few tools you can use to help you with this:

These tools all use AI to compare your resume to the job description. Because AI is not a perfected science, they all have slightly different results. All three offer some form of a free trial. Although you do need to sign up for a free account for all of them. They also offer paid options, but it is not required unless you want to check a lot of resumes or have some extra features.

If you are job searching and don't have some top company in your career history, I definitely recommend giving these tools a shot.

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