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A Cranky UX Person Talking About LinkedIn

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

So, I just realized I have missed over 20 LinkedIn messages on LinkedIn Messaging because I did not notice there are two tabs in the Messaging feature, Focused and Other.

I have been using LinkedIn for years and I am on it multiple times a day. Has that Other tab always been there?

What does Other mean? Other compared to what?

Focused? What does that mean?

When your users don't understand the context or meaning behind your labeling, you have a serious Information Architecture problem.

Oh, it turns out the two tabs are just for Premium members and do not show on LinkedIn Free accounts.

I can't turn the tabs off. I can't move messages between tabs. I don't see number of unread messages unless I use a filter.

However, LinkedIn Free lets you see the number of unread Message Requests right at the top of the message list. Why is there not the same functionality between Free and Premium?

Traditionally, this would make me want to go work at LinkedIn and fix this problem, but I am finally learning over many, many repeated mistakes, that this is a bad strategy.

Don't base where you want to work on the amount of problems you want to fix.

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