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My Love/Hate Relationship with My Stove

We'll talk about the knobs later. #solvedunsolvedproblems

So I recently bought a new stove. It's been about 6 months now. It was my first time purchasing a stove. I only had a couple of requirements: price, show the temperature while pre-heating, and maybe one or two more.

Well, the new stove does show the temperature while pre-heating. Yes! But I got suckered into another feature while buying - Power Boil. It basically heats water in about 10 minutes. As someone who loves pasta this is great! I am super happy to have this feature! However... Why, why is it only on one burner? My stove has 5 burners and this feature is only on one of them. You have this amazing capability and you only show me a little bit of it. It's like only being allowed to use your favorite app once a day.

I want to shoot whomever made this decision.

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