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Data Retrieval and Structures

I am an Information Architect at heart. I always have been. I love organizing and labeling things, whatever they may be. From my closet to digital navigation, everything has a place.

I have noticed as I have gotten older, that the way people think about information has changed. I still see things in hierarchical models. My Google Drive is organized by folders and sub-folders. I navigate by clicking through them as I know the taxonomy.

Google Search changed the way we retrieve information, allowing search to become a verified means of data retrieval. I rarely search inside my Google Drive. I know where things are and I have a system to find things. However, when you don't understand a structure, we tend to search. Supposedly, we also use search because it is faster. However, is it faster? If you need to keep filtering and sorting results to find what you need then it is not faster.

Search is good when you are not sure what you are looking for. Hierarchical is good to browse. However, most people seem to default to search, even when they aren't quite sure what they are looking for. It has become an ingrained habit to use search to find things. But if the behind the scenes structure of search is not organized, then searching does no good.

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