• Julia DeBari

UX Design vs Product Design

In general, I get annoyed with all the different titles for UX work out in the world. UX Design is different than UI Design; it's a niche or spoke of the umbrella in the field of UX Design. For a long time, I thought Product Designer was the same thing as UX Designer, someone just threw another title out there. However, I recently read an article on Medium that made me re-think that thought.

What made me change my mind? Well, the author was talking about being interviewed and some of the questions the person was asked were definitely what I would call product based.

  • What are your favorite features on the app, and why?

  • What are your least favorite features on the app? Why?

  • What is the point of feature Y?

  • What value does it add?

  • How would you improve the app?

  • Who are the app’s competitors?

  • What does the app do better than its competitors? What does it do worse?

As a UX Designer of many years, this is what I thought the Product Manager and UX Designer worked on together. However as Product Managers are doing more UX work, it seems like UX Designers are doing more product work.

Maybe there is a valid title in Product Designer after all.

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