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52 Week UX Challenge

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

One UX Challenge every other week for 26 weeks. In a way, 2 weeks sprints per project.

Week 1: Research & Synthesize/Analyze

• Research a Domain.

• Decide on a target audience.

• Write an interview script.

• Interview 8 - 12 people.

• Do an affinity diagram.

• Write HMW statements or Problem Statements.

• Sketch 3+ solutions.

Week 2: Design & Evaluate

• Create a Journey Map.

• Create a Sitemap.

• Create User Flows of key scenarios.

• Wireframe

• Prototype

• Usability Test

• Iterate on wireframes

January Week 1

Topic: Travel

January Week 3

Topic: Personal Fitness

February Week 1

Topic: Staying healthy

February Week 3

Topic: Healthcare systems

March Week 1

Topic: Getting a new pet

March Week 3

Topic: Public transportation

April Week 1

Topic: Driving a car

April Week 3

Topic: Learning a new topic

May Week 1

Topic: Voice systems

May Week 3

Topic: Team Communication

June Week 1

Topic: Company-wide communication

June Week 3

Topic: Notifications

July Week 1

Topic: Shopping online

July Week 3

Topic: Shopping in-person

August Week 1

Topic: Collaboration

August Week 3

Topic: Civic responsibility

September Week 1

Topic: Government

September Week 3

Topic: Climate change

October Week 1

Topic: Clean Energy

October Week 3

Topic: Waste

November Week 1

Topic: Finding a healthcare professional

November Week 3

Topic: Personal Budgeting

December Week 1

Topic: Household Budgeting

December Week 3

Topic: Gifting

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